Blog Beginnings

Welcome to my blog!  I'm so excited to start my teaching blog adventure.  I've spent so much time on other teacher's blogs and I thought to myself, why not start my own?  So follow me to see what I'm currently obsessing over in my classroom!

Shout out to my sister, Kate, who helped me create the title for my blog, "Fun and Fearless in First."  I think the title really rings true in my classroom.  I heart first grade and every day we take risks as learners, all while having fun learning!

Now that summer has arrived, I can relax and reboot.  I'm enjoying my fun in the sun, especially on the boat!  Then when the sun goes down, inspiration seems to hit and I find myself creating teaching materials well into the late night hours.  So glad that alarm clock is off for the summer!

Last night I was hard at work on my new classroom rules.  Have you discovered Whole-Brain Teaching yet?  Oh-my-word, it is an amazing site!  I came across it from a link on, where else, PINTEREST!  I was hooked.  Whole-Brain Teaching is based on the goal of creating peaceful classrooms full of orderly fun!  They incorporate a lot of kinesthetics into their management strategies.  I tried a few of them in the late spring and fell in LOVE!  With the addition of movements linked to learning concepts, I found my students were able to retain new information better.  This year I really want to incorporate the strategies from the start.  So where to begin... the rules of course!  I adjusted the Whole-Brain Teaching rules slightly to meet my own needs.  Click on the link below to get your own free copy from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


  1. Nice Blog Colleen! The Whole Brain method sounds intriguing. It's hard to have fun when things aren't orderly! Sounds like a nice psychological reward system. What happens when things get out of hand? Does the fun stop, and if so how?

    Have fun with the blog! Your grammar is impeccable, and you were even able to give it that CNY feel with the "Oh-My-Word" colloquialism. You're too much!

    Hope all is well!

  2. Look great col!!!! This will be such a wonderful thing to look back on in your future. Great job and keep up the awesome work! Love u!

  3. Wow! You are wonderful! Thank you so much for the introduction to Whole Brain Teaching. I hopped right over to the site and ..Bah da da da da. I'm loveing it! I started with the rules today and it's been great. Thank you again!


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