First Week Preparations

Even though the first day of school is two months away I've been working on some mini-projects to get ready for the first week.  I like to tackle things on my to-do list that are quick, so I can get more done and feel accomplished.  I then save the hard stuff for the week before school, when I'm completely stressed out!

Summer allows me the time to actually take a look at the 3 million ideas I pin on Pinterest, and I'm having fun actually putting some of those projects together!  I've seen many versions of the "picture frame" for the first day of school.  Each year I take pics of my kiddos on the first day, but using the frame below will really jazz it up a bit.  The project seriously took less than 10 minutes to put together and cost about $10, too.  Score!

I bought a pre-made mat board ($4) in the framing section of Hobby Lobby and some 2" foam letters ($6).  The foam letters were peel-and-stick.  EASY!!  My model below is so excited for the first day of first grade... but she'll have to wait about 5 more years until she gets there!

My beautiful niece, Taylor

Super easy, woo woo! 

Our curriculum night falls on the first full week of school, yikes!  On Pinterest I saw a very cute idea of a bag of candy to give out to parents.  Buy some Nestle Treasures chocolates and some Extra gum, put them in a clear gift bag, tie it with a ribbon, and you have a cute take-away for parents!  Below is the label I made to attach to it.

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And I even completed my binder cover for my lesson plans this year.  It's all about polka dots!  Love, love, love them.  Yay for checking things off the to-do list!

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