Labels Galore

One of my major end-of-year projects this year was to reorganize my classroom supplies.  I was prompted to do this because I had to pack up every little item in my classroom to be stored on a ginormous palette in the cafeteria while my room gets gutted for asbestos removal (GROSS!).  The upside to packing up my classroom was that I was really able to see what has been hiding in those cabinets for so long!  It felt so good to purge stuff I didn't need!  I organized everything I decided to keep into fabulous plastic bins from Wal-Mart and I can't wait to put all my bins away neatly in my cabinets in August.

I made these cute lil' labels for my bins and drawers.  Click on the link below to see them in my TPT Store!  See a label that's missing that you need?  Just leave me a comment with your email address and I'll update the file with what you'd like added.

I also finished my updated Daily Schedule cards.  I laminate mine and put them in a pocket chart (of course!) that I got my first year of teaching.  They may just fit the pocket charts in Target's Dollar Spot.  You could also put magnets on the back and put them up on your white board.  

Click to download Daily Schedule Cards

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