Classroom Set-Up, Day 1

Well... it's that time again!  I woke up bright and early, eager to get into my classroom and start setting up.  And then when I walked in I saw this:

and this...

and this...

O.M.G.  Not what I was expecting.  As I mentioned before, my room was completely emptied out at the end of June so that the asbestos could be removed and the floor could be replaced.  When I left in June my boxes were neatly piled on a pallet in the hallway.  Now, not so much!

So I immediately thought about quitting and going home and crawling back into my nice warm bed.  And then I took a long walk around the school hoping for a distraction inspiration.  And then I texted a pic of my mess to my best friend Deb in order to share my panic with her.  And then she called Kelli, because clearly this was an emergency, right?!

Deb and Kel to the rescue!  My pals were at school in 30 minutes to help!!!  Aren't they just the sweetest?!  I really can't thank them enough.  We managed to arrange furniture, chat, clear out the heaviest boxes, chat some more, AND get some bulletin boards up.  WAHOO!

I unpacked ALL my boxes!!!

Haha, just kidding!  But they are neatly stacked in piles now.

So despite the mess I left today, I did make a fair amount of progress.  My classroom is starting to take shape and look a lot less like a dumping ground!  I have a long way to go in the next four days...


  1. Oh my goodness. I would have fainted had I walked into that. I am currently working with an empty slate with absolutely nothing in my room and having just as big of a panic attack as I would seeing this. You have a cute blog name :) I cannot wait to see what all you offer the blogging world :) First grade is an awesome grade to teach :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. Holy cow! I would have teared up a bit if I had walked into that! Thank God for great friends! :)

    A Pirates Life for Us


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