Classroom Set-Up, Day 2

Today was productive... despite the pictures you are about to see!!!  I swear I really did work hard all day... except for the hour I chatted and helped others with furniture arrangement in their rooms.  And then of course my mid-day trip to Target... because it was necessary.  It absolutely, positively could not wait until I was kicked out of the building at 3pm.  (Do your custodians do the same?  We get to stay until 3pm in August... and not a second later!)

Anyways... onto the pics from today!

This picture was technically from yesterday's progress.  However, the lights were off in the hallway when I was taking pics yesterday... you know, the 3pm rule and all.  This bulletin board is GINORMOUS!  Quite the lil project... and of course, it was completed with Deb and Kel's help!

These are the disgusting shelves that I just couldn't bear to put my classroom library on again this year.  They are all rusty, scratched, and just plain gross.  This pic doesn't do it justice.  Yuck.  So, off to Target I went to grab some contact paper and cover this monstrosity up!  Priorities, right?!!

Voila!  The finished product!  Now they are smooth and speckled.  I like it much better!  It doesn't matter that this took another precious hour out of my day when the boxes were still piled a mile high.  I'll get to those... eventually...

This is the state I left my room in today.  I know, I know, it looks like a hot mess.  BUT, this is how I operate.  I need to pull everything out of the boxes, organize the stuff into different piles, and then I can put it away.  Does anyone else out there do this?!!

Did I mention I have a problem with plastic organizers?  It's an addiction really.  There, I said it.  Admitting it is the first step, right?  I just can't help myself.  This is about half of my stock.  Some is already put away... and some are brand new and still in the boxes of supplies that were piled in the office for me.  Because I needed more boxes of stuff...

A few more plastic organizers... so colorful!  See that sunshine seeping in?  Maybe that 3pm rule isn't so bad after all... off to enjoy a few more hours of summer!

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