It's a little cold here in Syracuse...

Now, I usually don't mind the cold weather, but this is getting a little ridiculous!  My car registered -1 on the way to work.  (Don't worry Mom, I took this pic at a stoplight, haha.)  The county above us (Oswego) was even featured on Good Morning America today.  But alas, we didn't even get a delay this morning.  What fun is winter if you don't get a delay or a snow day every now and then?

I want a SNOW DAY!!!

So, we have been making the best of the cold weather this week in our classroom!  My firsties have been working on "How To" writing.  Last week we finished our "How To Blow a Bubble" piece.  

This week we are working on "How To Build a Snowman."  Students are working with their writing partners to complete this writing piece.  They are having "snow" much fun and adding fantastic details!  This is by far the most successful "how to" unit I have taught in first grade.  I have been using Tangled Up in Teaching's "How To Writing Craftivities" pack.  I love all the graphic organizers and cute crafts to go along with each writing piece!

In math workshop today, we practiced time to the hour and half-hour.  I used the fabulous Katie King's "Let It Snow" center from her All I Want for Christmas pack.

We have been stuck inside during recess for quite some time now with the polar temperatures.  Today I wanted to spice it up a bit.  So we checked out Adventure to Fitness.  This website is AH-MAZING!  These 30 minute fitness episodes are FREE!

Did you hear me?!!

I'll say it again - FREE!!! 

We had such a blast today going on our fitness adventure.  We journeyed to Carlsbad Caverns to rescue Professor Madison.  I'm not sure who is in love with Mr. Marc more... my kiddos or me, haha!  

We were up, we were down, we were in slow mode, medium mode, fast mode, and MEGA mode.  Phew!  And yes, I was in the back of the room participating, too!

Tomorrow we will journey back to prehistoric times to check out the "Dino Disaster" episode.

Anything to keep warm, right?!


  1. Wow, thanks for the heads up about the great website! Hope it warms up soon! :)

    Fun in PreK-1

  2. Hi Colleen,
    First off - so sorry about the deserve a snow day. I live in So. Cal where it's been 78 degrees. I love the website you mentioned and I need to write it down. What a great idea and it looks like your kids are having so much fun!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. HI! I am your newest follower! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! SO CUTE! I got Erin to do mine as well!

    -Holly Phinney


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