Little Firsties, Big Dreams

What a great week we had learning about Martin Luther King Jr.!  I was so impressed with the deep thoughts that came out of my little firsties!

We started the week by reading Martin's Big Words.  This book was recommended on a lot of blogs, and it was well worth the purchase.  It is very primary-friendly.

Then, of course, we watched a BrainPop Jr. about MLK.  Anyone else a fan of Annie and Moby?!  We LOVE them.  We consider them close friends of ours!

After we read the book, we completed our "was / had / wanted" organizer.  
(I am so vain... I don't like my handwriting on the Smart board, so I changed it to text before posting this pic, haha.) 
Click HERE to check out Erin's free mini-unit, including this organizer.

To conclude the week, we wrote about our own Big Dreams for our world.  
(Click HERE to check out  Lyndsey's freebie from her MLK unit.)  

Some dreams were so thoughtful... and others just plain made me laugh... can you guess which one?!?
For everyone to have food.
Everyone to have friends.
Everyone to have fun.
No bullies.

People start using compost.
That people don't get cancer.
That people stop using more gas.
That the Earth is healthy.

Nobody getting on the naughty list.
Nobody hitting each other.
Don't say bad words.
Don't tease.

My dream is for no one to be a bully.
My dream is for no one to litter.
My dream is for people to stand up for one another.
My dream is for everyone to forgive people.

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King!


  1. O my my!! I love your blog!! I'm also a first grade teacher! I love first grade! I'm currently on maternity leave but I'll be back to teaching in February! Reading your blog makes me so excited to head back. I'm going to miss my little one dearly but at least I'll be greeted my 22 beautiful little smiling faces :) Anywho come pay me a visit at

    Happy Friday!

  2. Thanks for the freebie links :) Can't wait to use them next year!

    First Grade Smiles


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