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I'm participating in the New Year, New Ideas, New Possibilities blog hop, from Primary Possibilities.

I will not be posting on my own blog today, but will be guest posting over at Adventures in Teaching.  Here you will be reading a post from Christina Murphy at Krazy in Love with Kindergarten.  So without further ado, here's Christina...

This is my first blog hop and I'm learning sooo much!  Thank you Stephanie, Stephany, and Kathi for setting this whole thing up.

I started my blog Krazy In Love With Kindergarten for my coworker and I to try and showcase some items for our TpT Store and it's slowly turning into something else.  I just started posting pictures of our classroom activities because I'm just starting to remember to take them!  I couldn't tell you how many great moments I've had in my teaching career and forgot or just didn't think about taking pictures... story of my life!

Our guest blog post could be about any topic we wanted so I went through my pictures (the ones I DID remember to take) and found two projects I'm very proud of, one project being the one I'm MOST proud of.

Proud Project #1:  Creating Rules
I have NEVER let any of my students help me create classroom rules... ever, until last school year.  I had a copy of Responsive Classroom's Rules in School for the last 10 years or so and I when I read it the first time, I wasn't quite ready to really absorb the information.  My school district gave us some great positive behavior support (PBS) training in June of 2011 and I knew I had the Rules in School book on my shelf and I pulled it back out.  It was the best thing I've ever done.  I was scared, nervous and hesitant to even think about creating classroom rules with my students but I did and it was like nothing I had ever done before.  During the second week of school that year I took my Rules in School book, placed it on the carpet beside me and read word for word what the author/teacher said to her students to get the discussion started about creating our own rules.  It all starts with brainstorming our Hopes and Dreams for the upcoming school year...
These are some of the pictures my students drew to represent their Hopes and Dreams for Kindergarten that year.  I swear, they came up with the learning ones one their own!
Next we talked about how we can make our Hopes and Dreams come true with rules and exactly what rules we would need...
These are the rules we created, in these pictures they're already published so I skipped a couple steps but I think you get the drift.
We also drew pictures for these rules...
and here's what the entire project ended up looking like...
I'm using this project in this post because it's never too late to create rules... even if it's January!  I just had my current students draw new pictures for our rules we created this school year... they need a refresher, so I'm going to take down the pictures we created in September and put up our new ones as a reminder of what they said we needed to do to achieve our Hopes and Dreams.

Omg... I made this activity for our store, not really thinking about my current students.  I decided to try it out.  I hid the elves in places that really couldn't be seen unless you looked for them...
After I read the story, I told my students we had elves but they had names already, they just had to find them.  I gave each student a clipboard and recording sheet and turned them loose...
All I know is, I could've hid these elves for days and my students would have LOVED finding them.  I am so glad I tried this activity out with my class because I made two adjustments to my activity... I added elves with just letters for those students who aren't as confident with reading the words and I added blank elves for words a teacher may have introduced but wasn't already pre made in the pack.  I know Christmas has come and gone but come on over to our TpT Store and check it out!

Well I hope you enjoyed my proud projects!!  Be sure to check out our blog...
Krazy In Love With Kindergarten or our TpT Store.  I hope everyone has a great beginning to 2013!!


Next, head over to Adventures in Teaching to read my guest blog post!


  1. We love your Hopes and Dreams activity Christina! We may need to adapt it a bit and use the idea with our little 1-2 darlins when we go back next week.

    Thanks so much for sharing☺
    Victoria & Tricia♥

  2. I love your blog and I love love love teaching, especially first grade! Stop by my blog sometime :)


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