Wet N Wild

Today was our first annual "Wet N Wild" day for our June Fun Calendar.

It.  Was.  Awesome!!!

Our team gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up.  Fine holiday fun.

We kept it simple this year with three stations that our first grade classes rotated through.  Students were asked to bring a change of clothes... and they needed it!

Drip Drip Drop
Based on the ever-popular Duck Duck Goose, this game is so simple.  All you need is a sponge and a bucket of water.

Water Relay
The goal of this relay is to transfer the most water from your full bucket to your empty bucket.  The catch?  The cup must stay on your head the whole time!  All you need for this station is four buckets and two cups.

Splash 7
A great small-group game!  All you need is a shallow bucket and a pair of dice per group.  Students take turns rolling the dice.  When the dice add up to 7, be the first to splash the water!

Set-up and clean up for these activities was minimal.  The first graders had so much FUN!  Definitely one of our new favorite end-of-year activities.  Four and a half more days, woot woot!

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