Rockin' Into the New School Year

Though it's only three weeks into summer, I am already gearing up for next year!  In years past I have had a Team Theme in my classroom.  I liked the aspect of "teamwork," but I'm not really a sports fan, so the theme doesn't really work for me.

This year I'm going with a Rock Star Theme!  I love the combination of aqua and green together, so I'm trying to coordinate my Rock Star materials with my favorite colors.  I'm adding accents of gray as well.

I've slowly been putting things together, and have completed my Rock Star Word Wall {Dolch} and my Weekly Dolch Sight Words.  I can't WAIT to print and laminate this word wall!  I bought some adorable gray and white chevron ribbon to hang from the letters and add the words on top as I introduce them each week.  

I'm planning to create more Rock Star materials, but I wanted to share what I've already finished!  I'm thinking when I'm finished with everything I'll bundle it into one pack.  I need to finish the job chart, table signs, desk nameplates, and editable newsletter.  Any other items you'd like to see in this theme??

First Grade ROCKS!!!

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