Classroom Reveal 2013

It's finally DONE!!!  My classroom is ready (well, as ready as it'll ever be).  I always feel late to the party posting my classroom set-up, since so many bloggers are already knee-deep into teaching by now.

I, however, start TOMORROW!  I'm starting to get really excited to meet my new batch of firsties.  A few of them dropped in today as I was putting the finishing touches on my classroom and preparing materials for this week.  I can already tell from the few I met today that I will have a classroom bursting with personality!

So without further ado, may I present my classroom, woot woot!

((WARNING - EXTREME photo bomb ahead!))

Entry Sign

Hallway Bulletin Board - Empty until we complete our All About Me posters!

View from the front door

View from the front corner

View from my desk

View from the back corner

Small group meeting area
{I bought these ah-mazing stools at School Outfitters, but they no longer seem to carry them.  You can get similar ones at Ikea.}

Focus Wall and Whole-Brain Teaching Posters 
{Find the FREE WBT posters from First Grade Fever HERE}

My new Word Wall!  I love the ribbons.
{Find my Rock Star Word Wall HERE}

I'm so psyched to only have TWO computers and ONE table!  And putting the file cabinets underneath has saved me so much space!
{Tissue poofs from Hobby Lobby}

Those are my TEN brand new iPads, woohoo!!!  We are going to ROCK our technology this year!
And yes, I bought two matching monogrammed chevron mouse pads.  Seriously, I blame Amazon for carrying everything under the sun.  It's really not my fault.

This is my teacher area.  The door connects to my teammate Mel.  Her desk is in the same spot on the other side.  Our door is VERY frequently wide open.  This makes for a very productive planning/girl talk time haha!

My Teacher "Stuff"

These buckets were one of my favorite purchases a few years ago.  Look at all that stuff I've got crammed in for the rest of this week!  Everything is right in one spot for the day.
{Find the buckets at Lakeshore Learning HERE}

Ahh, my pretty binders!  All chevron, all the time.
{Find my binder covers HERE}

LOVE this area!  At the end of last year I bought these plastic drawers and labeled them to hide my copies.  We are fortunate to outsource a lot of our copying which means I usually have STACKS of copies!  Now they are neatly tucked away.
My dad and I custom made the shelf that holds them.  After we primed it, we covered it in chevron contact paper.
{Find the contact paper on Amazon HERE}

This rocking chair is a new addition to my classroom this year, but it is certainly not a new item.  This was the rocking chair that my dad bought for my mom before she had me.  She rocked my sister and I to sleep in this chair when we were babies.  Though I won't be rocking any first graders (haha), I will be sharing my love of reading and my beloved pictures books with them here.
{Chair pad from Pier One}

Leveled Library - I have my firsties choose four leveled books to keep in their book pouch.

In addition, they keep four picture books in their book pouches.

So jazzed about my new classroom library labels!

More books... you can never have enough!

Classroom Rules - based on Whole-Brain Teaching
{Find my Class Rules FREEBIE HERE}

Calendar and Daily Schedule
My calendar is very small due to the fact that I do all my calendar activities on the Smart board.
{Find my Daily Schedule Cards HERE}

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan + Ribbon + Numbers = Rockin' Compliments!
When my class collects 20 compliments we earn a reward.  The class brainstorms and votes on the reward.  The only catch is, the reward cannot cost any money.  My kiddos get very creative!
{Find the FREE numbers from 4th Grade Frolics HERE}

Birthday Display and Job Chart 
{Find the FREE pennants from Jen Willis HERE}
{Find my Rockin' Responsiblities Job Chart HERE}

Word Work Area
{Find my Word Work Activities HERE}

Writing Workshop Area

Math Workshop Area

How AWESOME are these Kid President quotes?!!
{Find them FREE from Mrs. Plant's Press HERE}

 PHEW!!  That post was a lot of work.  I hope you enjoyed a little peak into my classroom.  
Okay, now I'm off to get some beauty rest before the BIG DAY!


  1. Wow! Your classroom looks amazing! I started school Aug. 26th but STILL haven't posted to my blog because I've been so swamped! Tonight is the first time I've checked blogs in about a month! So sad, but happy to see your pretty, organized space! :)

    LOVE Kid President, and I just decided yesterday I was going to hang up some of his quotes in our classroom, too funny! Thanks for sharing.

    Teach On.

    1. Swamped is an understatement! I spent all weekend doing schoolwork... I haven't read other blogs in ages either. Grr! Soon I'll be caught up, I HOPE!!!
      Colleen ;-)

  2. Hi Colleen! (Great name by the way!)

    I love your classroom set-up! It is so organized and cheerful. I love the idea of using ribbon on your Word Wall. I am new to blogging, but am excited to start following you. Quick question- how did you get the chevron "I'm a New York Blogger" picture? Thanks!

    -Colleen (The other Colleen)

  3. Hi Colleen!
    Thanks for the kind words. Glad to have you following!
    I got the "I'm a New York Blogger" picture from the blog Fifth in the Middle. She has a page on her blog for other bloggers to link up by state. So cool!
    Colleen :-)


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