Sub Plans Already?!!

Three and a half weeks into school and I'm already making sub plans...



So, I'm spending this week not molding young minds and teaching the foundations of education... but instead doing my civic duty and serving on a jury.  Now, don't get me wrong, I really don't mind lending a helping hand to the judicial system... but we are BARELY into the new school year!

The worst part?  We were doing so well on our Daily 5 routines, I was planning to start reading groups this week.  Reading groups are my FAVORITE part of the day!  Oh well, at least I'll be ready for next week.

So I thought this would be the perfect time to show you my new Substitute Binder!  I'm very excited about it, because I know my subs will have all the information they need at their fingertips when they are in my classroom.

You can customize this sub binder to fit your own needs.  It's my newest upload to my TPT Store!

Here is what my binder looks like... with all the identifiable information blurred out of course!  (Some pages kind of loose their luster when they are blanked-out, but you get the idea!)

I keep a zipper pouch in the front so that I can store my behavior chart stickers and put my thumb drive in with the Smart board files for the day.  I can also toss any other small items in there that my sub will need for the day.

I like to leave a nice Welcome message for my subs!

I have a Word document with a template of my lesson plans.  My schedule and routines are already in there.  That way, all I have to do is type in the actual plans for that day.  Anything to make it easier!

We take attendance electronically, but when there is a substitute they don't have access to our online attendance system.  So, I keep a simple class list and ask my subs to circle the students who are absent, or circle ALL STUDENTS ARE PRESENT.

Here I keep any students notes about students who are very helpful, students who are particularly challenging, and students who receive various services.  In my Welcome message I remind them to pay close attention to this page!

I like to know what happened during the day, and I find that a focused note is best!

The initial set-up of the binder took a little bit of planning, but now I can be sure that my classroom will run smoothly when I am not there!

How do you plan for a sub?

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