November Currently, A Halloween Recap, and an Awesome Giveaway

Oh yeah, back on the Currently track!  I missed October… it was the month of not-quite-getting-things-done.  BUT, this is a new month, wahoo!!!  Time to link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade

Listening - Okay I know it's only November… but the Christmas specials have already started, and I can't resist!  Hallmark is playing "Hitched for the Holidays" with Joey Lawrence.  And I may, or may not, have already dragged out my Christmas tree.  It's not my fault, really.  My parents were in town and I needed Dad's help to get the tree out of my storage garage.  I promise not to decorate it until next week, haha!

Loving - The weather is changing and I'm loving it!  There's nothing better than a comfy pair of jeans and a cozy sweater.  Snuggle time!!!

Thinking - My poor little niece is very sick.  Though I won't get into what she has, rest assured she will be better in 7-10 days.  Unfortunately right now she is in A LOT of pain!  Hearing her screaming in the background when I talked to my sister on the phone today was agony.  She had been up all night screaming as well.  My thoughts and prayers are very focused right now on my niece, my younger niece (who is staying with her grandparents right now), my exhausted sister, and my equally exhausted brother-in-law.  This is one of the MANY times I hate that we are 12 hours away from each other!

Wanting - Because of the above I am wanting this week to be over with already!  I'm headed out to Chicago on Friday for the long weekend, and the days cannot pass quickly enough this week.  Get me to my family!!!!

Needing - I can't even fathom that it is already report card time.  Seriously.  Not cool.

A Yummy Pin - Boston Cream Poke Cake
This cake is delicious… and so easy to make, but everyone will think you are a fancy-pants when you show up at a party with it!

And in other news… it was Halloween this week!  Did you know?!  My kiddos sure did.  This year they could NOT contain themselves.  We read some of my favorite Halloween books…

We practiced tally marks with our "Bat Bones."  I found this activity last year from the blog Heather's Heart.  It is so much fun!  The kids always get a kick out of my dramatic story about the bats I found in the yard and how I was able to collect some "pieces" of them.  Then I ask who is brave enough to look in the bag and see what I found.  

Hello Kitty likes to tally!

Our two ninjas just happened to be sitting next to each other!

Yee-haw, tally dem bones!

Butterfly princess working hard

And, of course, the first grade team couldn't miss out on all the fun!  We dressed up as CareBears this year.  I was Good Luck Bear… shocking right?!
Me, Mel, and Lindsey

Team First Grade!

And last, but certainly not least, have you entered this giveaway yet?!  Sara at Polka Dot Kinders is having an AH-mazing giveaway!  She is celebrating her blogiversary and has FOUR giveaways to enter.  You may even see me in one of the giveaways… so head on over and enter right now!


  1. Your Care Bear costumes were super cute!!! I love that you all dressed as a team, that's awesome! I have to agree that the year is just FLYING by - we're already two weeks past report cards! Yikes! But that means Christmas is almost here!

  2. That's SO precious that you all dressed as Care Bears! And I love that you're as crazy about Christmas as I am. We will be a little later getting decorated this year just because we finished getting our house painted Friday and still have to put together all the year-long decorations. Usually we start almost the day after Halloween!

    Hope your niece starts feeling better soon. It's tough being so far away and not being able to help.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  3. The Care Bear costumes are adorable!! I hope your niece feels better soon, sick babies are such a heartbreaker! I would so rather be sick constantly rather than have one of my babies be under the weather!!!
    Lisen :)
    Second Grade Smartypants

    1. Thank you! She's up on the upswing now, thank goodness!
      So glad to have found your blog! LOVE the name :-)


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