Christmas Excitement, Random Tip, and a Grammar Freebie

Okay, I'm just a LITTLE excited for Christmas break… 

Let's just say that on Friday at 3:30pm I will have a HUGE smile on my face!  I will also be running out the door and driving home to my parent's house where my sister, brother-in-law, and sweet nieces will already be starting the Christmas fun!

At school, we have been super busy and I'm trying to play catch-up on the blog tonight!

We created our winter bulletin board.  I LOVE these cute snowmen!  I figure since I live in Syracuse and it snows here through March, I'll be able to leave this one up a while.  I can just change out the writing piece when needed, right?!

Decorating trees was a popular topic to write about...

… but not as popular as throwing snowballs at siblings!!!

Our snowmen came from this adorable freebie from Just Wild About Teaching!  I just changed the writing piece to suit my classroom needs.
You can grab it for free {HERE}.

I got the room ready for Christmas with a lil' decorating…
Target special - needs way more sparkle next year!

Underneath the tree I place all my December read alouds.  I wrap and label each one with the date they should be opened.  There's something about opening a present to make the story a little more exciting!

And now for my random tip that makes me feel absolutely brilliant… these tiny, clear 3M Command hooks!  In my class, we LOVE our QR Read the Room activity.  I like to change the sight words or seasonal words often.  It was getting to be a pain to tape those suckers around the room each week.  I was looking for a semi-permanent way to put up hooks in order to hang the cards so I could easily change them out.  These hooks are PERFECT!  They won't ruin the places where I hang them, and to prep the cards all I needed to do was punch a hole in them.  I feel so smart, haha!

Efficiency makes me happy!

We also recently worked on common and proper nouns.  Here's a little FREEBIE sorting activity that we completed.  Enjoy!

Common or Proper Noun Sort FREEBIE

FIVE MORE DAYS filled with gingerbread, and Polar Express, and PJ's, OH MY!!!

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  1. LOVE that you wrap your read alouds! That is such a GREAT idea!!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten


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