December Currently and the BIG SALE

It's finally December!!!  It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

And, of course, it's time to link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for December's Currently!

Listening - I love, love, love Christmas music.  It is so cheerful and fun.  I even change my phone ringtone to Christmas music.  I started listening a while ago… cause three weeks just isn't enough!

Loving - With Thanksgiving being so late, it seems as though Christmas preparations are now in over-drive and I'm not complaining!  I spent an awesome weekend with family and I'm looking forward to a very long Christmas break, beginning in 20 days (not that I'm counting, haha).  Almost time for a week of cuddling my nieces and hangin' with the fam!

Thinking - It's time to really get going on my Christmas shopping list!

Wanting - There is leftover apple pie in the fridge.  It will NOT make it to tomorrow morning.  Just.  Saying.

Needing - Tomorrow I'll begin my Christmas countdown in my classroom.  I love wrapping up all my read alouds and having a student unwrap one each day as we read.  This year I'm amping it up with a lil' Christmas tree!  I plan to put all my wrapped books underneath.  Unfortunately, I haven't begun wrapping them yet, oops!  That's next on my to-do list tonight.  After the pie, of course.

Favorite Tradition - My family ALWAYS watches Christmas Vacation.  Usually we watch it once Thanksgiving weekend (check!) and then again closer to Christmas.  That movie NEVER gets old!

And as if December wasn't exciting enough… Teacher's Pay Teachers is have a HUGE Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale!  You can save up to 28% if you use the checkout code CYBER.  I decided to start my sale a little early.  EVERY item in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store is on sale today through Wednesday.  So get those carts loaded up and get shopping!


  1. I LOVE "Christmas Vacation"!!! That is my favorite holiday movie! It's always hilarious year after year! And I LOVE the idea of wrapping the Christmas books for your classroom! I will have to do that next year! Love the idea! :)

    Permanently Primary

  2. I love Christmas Vacation. It definitely brings back childhood memories. My family watches it all the time. Love the idea of wrapping books beneath the tree in your classroom!

    Eclectic Educating

  3. I just love the idea of wrapping the books as well-what a great way to build suspense! :) Haven't seen Christmas vacation in a loonngg time, might have to revisit that one!



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