Thanksgiving's over.  I'm stuffed.

So that means it's socially acceptable to be thinking about all things Christmas, right?!!

A few weeks ago in my Five for Friday post I shared how much my kiddos love QR codes.  I mean, they are MAGIC really.

Christmas excitement plus my QR code craze led me to a Christmas QR version of Read the Room!  I can't wait for my firsties to get their hands on these babies!  There are pictures included to help young readers with the words.  There is also a recording sheet to write down what they've read.

You can find my Christmas QR Code - Read the Room in my TPT Store.  
Rumor has it there is a BIG Teachers Pay Teachers sale coming up (wink, wink).

It's Thanksgiving break, WAHOO!!!

Officially, Thanksgiving break began at 11:15am yesterday, but I didn't quite get around to blogging.  Maybe it was because I was getting my classroom prepped for December (eek!), or more likely because I was enjoying a nice glass of celebration, haha.

We had a super short two-day week and both were half-days for parent/teacher conferences.  So needless to say, this "week" flew by!

I just had to share these adorable hats that my kiddos made!  They were so excited about them and I swear you could have heard a pin drop while they were tracing and cutting.  The focus was unbelievable.

The ironic part was that this was the THIRD turkey craft I had prepared for the class.  I kept re-planning because I would find yet another cutie-pie craft and changing my mind about which turkey to do in class!  So on Sunday when I read the TPT newsletter and saw this hat freebie, I couldn't resist!  I mean, really, who doesn't like a hat?!

Click {HERE} to snag this FREEBIE!

Materials prepped and ready!

Trace, Cut, Repeat!

This is what the sound of silence looks like.  This is otherwise known as teacher gold!!!

I didn't have large brown construction paper, so I used a sentence strip instead and had the kids just color it brown.  Problem solved!

Now it's time to relax and enjoy a very long holiday weekend!  Well, I guess the relaxing part will begin right after I make these five pies for Thanksgiving dinner.  Yes, FIVE pies.  You would think I was a bakery!  Where is that glass of celebration again?!

Gobble, Gobble!  Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!
It's Friday… leading into a THREE DAY WEEKEND!  Oh the teacher joy!  Time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's Five for Friday!

This week we worked on our Read the Room QR codes during Word Work!  This is a new Daily 5 favorite for sure!  The Read the Room cards link to a Dolch sight word.  My teammate created them and they are AWESOME!  I'm now on a QR code kick… what else can I create with them?!!!

We also worked on money this week.  Money is a doozey sometimes!  Kids no longer see and deal with money like they did before.  Our society is pretty much all credit - even in the cafeteria!  Kids just punch in their lunch pin and off they go.  No money is exchanged.  Because of this, coin recognition and understanding coin values can be very challenging.  We will definitely be revisiting this concept again!

These activities came from my Money Mayhem unit!

We also worked on nouns this week!  I am impressed with this group, as they picked this concept up very quickly.  We of course watched a BrainPopJr. AND a SchoolHouse Rock video!  We practiced on the Smart board, on our own, and in reading group.

You can find my Fallin' for Nouns activity {HERE}.

Today our fourth grade buddies came in to share their realistic fiction stories with us.  Partners were so engaged!  And we were treated to an Oreo cookie when we were done.  SCORE!  
Now we can't wait to share our personal narratives with THEM!

And I saved the BEST for last!  I'm at the airport RIGHT NOW waiting to get on a plane to see these beauties!  Chicago here I come.  I LOVE long weekends!!!

PERSON:  teacher
PLACE:  couch
THING:  laptop

This week we are working on common nouns… so tonight I whipped up a quick sorting center for my firsties!  There are four categories for sorting:  person, place, thing, not a noun.  There is also a recording sheet included.

Want it?!  It will be a FLASH Freebie on TPT for the next hour!  
As always, feedback is much appreciated.

Oh yeah, back on the Currently track!  I missed October… it was the month of not-quite-getting-things-done.  BUT, this is a new month, wahoo!!!  Time to link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade

Listening - Okay I know it's only November… but the Christmas specials have already started, and I can't resist!  Hallmark is playing "Hitched for the Holidays" with Joey Lawrence.  And I may, or may not, have already dragged out my Christmas tree.  It's not my fault, really.  My parents were in town and I needed Dad's help to get the tree out of my storage garage.  I promise not to decorate it until next week, haha!

Loving - The weather is changing and I'm loving it!  There's nothing better than a comfy pair of jeans and a cozy sweater.  Snuggle time!!!

Thinking - My poor little niece is very sick.  Though I won't get into what she has, rest assured she will be better in 7-10 days.  Unfortunately right now she is in A LOT of pain!  Hearing her screaming in the background when I talked to my sister on the phone today was agony.  She had been up all night screaming as well.  My thoughts and prayers are very focused right now on my niece, my younger niece (who is staying with her grandparents right now), my exhausted sister, and my equally exhausted brother-in-law.  This is one of the MANY times I hate that we are 12 hours away from each other!

Wanting - Because of the above I am wanting this week to be over with already!  I'm headed out to Chicago on Friday for the long weekend, and the days cannot pass quickly enough this week.  Get me to my family!!!!

Needing - I can't even fathom that it is already report card time.  Seriously.  Not cool.

A Yummy Pin - Boston Cream Poke Cake
This cake is delicious… and so easy to make, but everyone will think you are a fancy-pants when you show up at a party with it!

And in other news… it was Halloween this week!  Did you know?!  My kiddos sure did.  This year they could NOT contain themselves.  We read some of my favorite Halloween books…

We practiced tally marks with our "Bat Bones."  I found this activity last year from the blog Heather's Heart.  It is so much fun!  The kids always get a kick out of my dramatic story about the bats I found in the yard and how I was able to collect some "pieces" of them.  Then I ask who is brave enough to look in the bag and see what I found.  

Hello Kitty likes to tally!

Our two ninjas just happened to be sitting next to each other!

Yee-haw, tally dem bones!

Butterfly princess working hard

And, of course, the first grade team couldn't miss out on all the fun!  We dressed up as CareBears this year.  I was Good Luck Bear… shocking right?!
Me, Mel, and Lindsey

Team First Grade!

And last, but certainly not least, have you entered this giveaway yet?!  Sara at Polka Dot Kinders is having an AH-mazing giveaway!  She is celebrating her blogiversary and has FOUR giveaways to enter.  You may even see me in one of the giveaways… so head on over and enter right now!

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