January Currently

2014, say what?!!  Not only is it a new month, but we've entered a new year.  Time for Currently with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

Listening - I mean, really, can it be more fitting to be watching The Hangover on New Years Day?!  Classic.

Loving - These two weeks have been awesome, and they are not over yet!  There is still time to relax and recharge before the long month of January really gets started.

Thinking - A new year always gets me thinking about new possibilities and the exciting things to come.  I spent a few days this week majorly cleaning my apartment and getting rid of a TON of unnecessary clutter.  It feels so good to start a new year fresh and organized.  What will 2014 bring?

Wanting - I want some energy so I can be productive today.  Perhaps a Diet Mt. Dew is in order (or two or three)?!

Needing - I haven't done any school work yet this break (shocker!).  So today I really need to get cracking and plan my next two math units.  Grr.  Luckily I have reinforcements coming to help me!

Memory - I spent eight amazing days at my parent's house with my sister, brother-in-law, and gorgeous nieces.  My "room" in my parent's house is a bonus room above the three car garage.  It's ginormous, and the girls stay upstairs with me.  Despite the two beds Taylor had to choose from up there, she ended up in my bed most nights.  Can't say I complained!  She is a cuddle bunny, a wild sleeper, and takes up most of the bed... and I loved every minute of it.  Hailey had a bad cold/fever so she needed some extra cuddles and rocking at night.  Again, I gladly took on that responsibility.  Spoiling my girls is the best part about being an Aunt!
My Snuggle Bunnies

Happy New Year!


  1. What an adorable picture! I go back to school tomorrow :( Enjoy your break (& Diet Mt. Dew)!

  2. Oh my goodness - how CUTE are your nieces!!! No wonder you couldn't resist a few extra snuggles with them! Happy 2014! I hope it's a great one!

    Runde's Room

  3. Your nieces are adorable! I feel the same way about my nephews! It is so fun getting to spoil them! P.S. I love that TBS is playing The Hangover today! That seems perfectly perfect!

    Tangelia C.
    Reflections of a School Girl

  4. Awww your nieces are precious! You are such a great aunt to take on nighttime duties. But with those cuties, how could you not? :) Cheers to a year full of possibilities!!! Enjoy these last days of relaxation.

    First Grade Smiles


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