Valentines Recap and a Giveaway Winner

Valentine's Day is over and I am officially on February break.  One glorious week off in the middle of this dreaded winter weather, wahoo!!!

Not only was this the week leading into break (and the kids knew it), but it was filled with Valentine's Day activities… AND a full moon.  Yikes.  We were all pretty ready for early dismissal yesterday by the time 12:15 rolled around.

Here are some of the fun activities we worked on this week to celebrate…

Of course we read my favorite Valentine's Day read aloud, Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch.  This is such a touching story.  If you don't own it, I highly recommend you put it on your wish list!

We have been working on opinion writing this month.  This week, we decided whether we preferred Sweethearts or Sweet Tarts.    

This activity came from Susan Jones' Be Mine, Valentine pack.  I LOVE all her writing activities!

For word work, we worked on our Valentine's Day QR Code - Read the Room.  They especially loved the picture of Cupid and all week kept telling me they'd been hit by Cupid.

In reading group, we practiced Sweetheart Synonyms.

Of course, we passed out Valentines.  There was A LOT of loot!

My 200 Follower Giveaway has ended, and the winner is Lori R.  
Be sure to check your email Lori!
And thanks to all who participated.  I can't wait to get to the next blogging milestone!!!


  1. I love that book too! It's on "storyonline" as well read by Hector Elizondo---a classic!


    1. Yes! The first year I discovered it I didn't have a copy, so we watched it instead! Now my kids like to check it out on Storyline after I've read it. Colleen :-)

  2. Looks like you've been having a blast! I seriously need to learn more about this QR Code thing, it looks awesome!

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