July Currently

July has arrived!  And it's one of my favorite months!!!

Time to link up with Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade...

Listening - Who doesn't love a little Full House?  And I'm sure I'm not the only one who wanted to be DJ Tanner in my youth.  Just sayin'.

Loving - Summer is here for good people.  And it sure took long enough!  School is OVER and I can sleep in, get in some good long runs, and swim to my heart's content.  I LOVE SUMMER!!!

Thinking - In two weeks I am presenting Singapore Math Strategies for the K-2 teachers in my district.  Luckily I have two amazing co-presenters!  We worked all day on our presentation, and we'll be back at it tomorrow.  It's tough to anticipate the timing and make sure we are engaging our learners.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the workshop goes smoothly!  

Wanting - I have been taking some golf lessons recently, and remembering how much I love this game.  My birthday is next week and I'm hoping for a new golf bag.  I really need something more girly than what I've got.  Do they make pink chevron golf bags?!

Needing - I need to get packing!  I'm heading home tomorrow for a week and a half.  My sister, brother-in-law, and my favorite nieces are flying in from Chicago.  I cannot WAIT to see them!  There is some serious snuggle time in my future.  And my sis and her hubby are headed out-of-town and leaving the girls with my parents and I.  As if we don't spoil them enough already?  It's PAR-TAY time!!!  But first, I need to pack my bags.  Packing is such a chore!

4th Plans - Nothing too crazy this 4th of July - just a picnic at my parents' house.

What are you Currently up to?


  1. Love Full House!!! :)
    Good luck on your presentations! I know you'll do great!!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  2. Love your blog design. It's so cute. Good luck on your presentations.

    Laman's Terms

  3. Good luck with your presentation--always hard to gauge how much will come from the audience... I'm sure all your preparations will be worth it. Cool, golf lessons... Packing may be a chore, but unpacking is even harder. Enjoy your summer!
    Kids Math Teacher

  4. I love Full House, too! It's one of my favorite childhood shows.


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