Do You Kahoot?!

A few weeks ago I was at an iPad workshop and was introduced to this AH-mazing website!

This website allows you to find or create quizzes that your students can take using any device that connects to the internet!  They could use iPads, phones, or even an iTouch.

There are so many quizzes already created out there for anyone to use.  Be sure to search for "educational" quizzes and preview the quiz yourself for content before playing with your class!

I prefer to make my own quizzes so I can focus on exactly what I want my students to review.  For this Kahoot, I was working on the ou/ow sound during phonics that week.  So I created a quick little review game for those sounds and spelling patterns.

You can search "MissDembs" and find any quizzes I have created.  There aren't many now, but keep checking back as I create more!

I initially set this up to use with a small group during reading.  I brought my own laptop.  The students will need to see the laptop screen, because the questions and answers are displayed on the website only.
The students see four color choices on their device that correspond with the answer choices displayed on the website.

Once you find or create a quiz, you will get a unique quiz pin number to use to enter the game.

Students go to on their device and then they will be prompted to enter the pin number.

After entering the pin number, they will be prompted to put in a nickname.  When we work in teams they have loads of fun coming up with their team name!

I created a Kahoot! icon on my iPads so that my kids just have to tap Kahoot!, the website will open, and they will be prompted to enter the pin number.  They were able to easily type the pin and then their team name.  Setup was a breeze!

Once everyone has entered into the quiz, it's time to play!  Here the question and the answer choices are displayed on my laptop.  Students then tap the corresponding color of the answer they want on their own device.

You can see the four color choices the students see in this pic!

You can also play this on your Smart board!  My firsties really got a kick out of this.  I paired them up and they created their own team names.  I really enjoy seeing what team names first graders create.  Some of them (and their spellings) really had me laughing!

These two were seriously concentrating...

Questions have a set time limit for answering.  When you create your own quiz, you can set the limit anywhere from 5 to 120 seconds per question.  

The question is displayed and students all try to answer.  The team that answers correctly the fastest gets more points.

The answer results are displayed after each question with how many teams chose each answer.  Then the top five team scores are displayed.

The cheers were so loud when their team names were displayed I thought we were going to get yelled at for disturbing other classes!!! 

As a little bonus, the kids get to rate the quiz at the end!  They gave me 4.2 stars for this one.  Guess I need to work a little harder to get a solid 5 stars, haha!

Oh and on a final note... there are quizzes for adults, too!  How about that for your next game night with friends?!!!

Happy Kahoot-ing!

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