Delving Into Kagan - Quiz Quiz Trade

I'm sure many of you have heard of, or even used, Kagan Structures in your classroom.  I like to think I do a lot of cooperative learning in my classroom.

But do I really?  

I'm starting to delve deeper into cooperative learning with Kagan Structures and it is some exciting stuff!

One of a the structures I immediately connected with was Quiz Quiz Trade.  A simple routine in which students pair up, quiz each other, and then switch their cards and quiz another student.  I like that the students really mix it up with one another, and they get a chance to quiz with lots of different questions.

This game can be used with any content.  The sky's the limit!

We are currently working on digraphs in our classroom.  So I made a Quiz Quiz Trade game that focuses on the digraphs we have been practicing.  I can't wait to teach my firsties this game.  I know they will just love it!

You can find this awesome cooperative learning game {HERE} in my TPT Store.

Happy Cooperative Learning!

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