Looking for classroom must-haves for next year?  Definitely check out Toobaloo's.

I absolutely LOVE my Toobaloo's from Really Good Stuff.  They have saved my sanity in small group reading!

When all my kiddos are whisper reading it can be really distracting for some group members... not to mention the teacher!

Toobaloo's allow the kids to hear themselves reading, which is great for their accuracy, self-correcting, and fluency.

They LOVE using their "telephones" during reading group.  While they are all reading at the same time, I can lean in to an individual and ask them to read directly to me.  It's a win-win for everybody!

If you don't want to buy these, you can even make your own.  There are so many versions on Pinterest (check out these Pins) that you can create using PVC pipes.

Happy Reading!

Yay for JUNE!  I know many of you are already enjoying your summer vacation, but in Upstate NY we will be teaching right through the last week in June.  Even though we have another month to go, I'm pretty psyched that June has arrived!

Time to link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for this month's Currently...

Listening - Catching up on last night's Bachelorette.  Such a guilty pleasure.  The guys are pretty funny this season.  And they finally cast a bachelorette that is smart and interesting!

Loving - I am loving weekend trips.  Memorial Day I was out in Chicago (of course) to meet my nephew!  I might be biased, but I think he is the most gorgeous baby!  And of course, I got to spend time with my beautiful nieces, too.  This weekend I'm jetting off to see them again and I simply cannot wait!!!

Wanting - It's Tuesday, which means Trivia Night for me!  My friends and I are pretty obsessed with our Tuesday trivia.  We are in the middle of a seven week tournament.  The stakes are very high.  The winners get a hoodie.  We are determined to get those sweatshirts.  I'm not really sure why... I doubt we will ever wear them anywhere but trivia night, haha!

Needing - The end of the school year is BUSY!  The to-do list is a mile long with no end in sight.  I need to get going on wrapping things up with this years bunch.

Summer Lovin - My best friend is getting married at the end of the month!  This wedding will be the perfect kick-off to summer.  I'm so excited for a great night of celebrating a wonderful couple!  And, of course, summer means more trips to Chicago.  Shocker, I know!

What are you Currently up to?

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