Surviving June {with Freebies!}

On the eve of June 1st, I want to share a few ways I survive this brutal last month of school. While I know many of you are already enjoying some well-deserved fun in the sun... some of us are still in survival mode.

Ahh June. The month in which we are on serious countdown. It's finally warm in upstate NY... maybe a little too warm. We don't have air conditioning in our schools, in case you were wondering. So the heat combined with the desires of all my firsties to be anywhere BUT my classroom, can be a recipe for disaster.

So, we plan accordingly!

Each June we send out the "June Fun Calendar." We create a fun activity for each day in June. A little carrot of something to look forward to each day. Some activities take longer than others. We attempt to create a calendar that doesn't require parents to do a ton of prep at home, but there are some activities that they need to plan ahead for.

Want to create your own June Fun Calendar? Check out my June Fun Calendar Template!

One of my favorite activities is "Who's That Baby?" This one take some preparation, but it's so worth it! My firsties LOVE seeing themselves as babies on the Smart board. We have such a great time guessing which first grader matches the picture.
Click to get your Who's That Baby Template.

Below is an example of what my kiddos see on the Smart board, shown here with my baby pic. Can you tell this one was scanned in from some serious 80's photo paper?! Notice my more up-to-date picture in the corner. I always put the kid's current picture in the corner, and then cover it with a disappearing rectangle for the "big reveal." They go nuts when the current picture is shown next to the baby picture.

Parents need to participate in this one of course, and send the baby picture in advance.  Here's an example our letter to parents (feel free to copy any verbiage!).

And if you're looking for some fantastic end of the year awards for your kiddos, look no further! I have two editable versions of class awards in my TPT Store.

The countdown is ON friends. So close to SUMMER!!!

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