Do You Scoot?

Do you Scoot?  As in, do you use ScootPad with your class?

This is a fantastic Common Core resource!  It is a website (and a FREE app) allowing your students to practice reading and math Common Core skills.  I introduced this a few weeks ago with the iPads during small-group reading.  Whenever I introduce a new app or website, I like to do it in small groups so that I can really make sure my kiddos understand what they need to do.  This was a HIT from the start!

First you'll need to go to and register your class.

You set each student up with their own individual log-in and password.  You can also print their log-in cards so they have a copy.  
Class Roster

Then, once your students log-in, they Launch Practice!  They can choose Math or Reading.  All the questions are based on the Common Core for whatever grade level you register for.  If the students cannot read the question on their own, they can click "Listen" and have the question read to them.  
Launch Practice
Sample Reading Question
Sample Math Question

As a teacher, you get weekly reports emailed to you with your student's progress.
Reports Page

Students can also practice at home.  You can generate Parent Letters with all the information parents need to get started at home.  My kiddos LOVE practicing at home!
Parent Letter

We love to SCOOT!


  1. Great post, Colleen! I am going to check that out right now!
    The Teacher’s Chair

  2. Thanks so much for your detailed information about ScootPad. I got right on, signed my class up, explored the site and now can't wait to try it out! This will definitely be used next year with those new iPads.


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