Organize It: Closets

I am so fortunate to have two VERY large closets in my classroom.

(I usually have curtains up, but the fire marshall has banned them from our school.  Apparently we need flame retardant ones... which I cannot find!  UGH.)

I have found that the best time to organize my closets is when I am done for the school year and I'm putting everything away.  That way every single item has a "home."  

My AMAZING custodians (seriously, we have the BEST ones, they will do anything to help us!) adjusted my shelves to fit the plastic drawers that I bought.  Plastic drawers are so helpful for organizing because they keep the dust out, and the materials are easy to access.   

In this closet I store most of my teaching supplies (clipboards, pencils, velcro, etc.). 

I also use this closet to store my reading/word work/Dolch materials.  This makes it easy to access my Word Work materials when I switch up my activities.

I got these plastic storage bins from Walmart and they were actually pretty affordable!

This closet is so deep, which is great, but the right-hand side is very difficult to access.  For this reason, I put smaller organizational bins there that I don't need to get to often.  I use these when I have extra materials for tables (i.e. special smelly markers, colored pencils) to share for a project.

This is my second amazing closet!  Again, I customized the shelf heights to match my storage materials.  This closet holds my construction paper, craft items, bulletin board items, and any other large items that can't be stored elsewhere.  Again, this closet used to have a pretty curtain.  Grr.  

This year I found that I needed more access to my construction paper.  This organizer is made from sturdy cardboard and held up very well!  I made sure to get the 12x18 sized one so I can store my large paper on the bottom and my smaller paper on top.  
The skinny shelf holds my posters and bulletin board supplies.  I bought several Deluxe Bulletin Board Storage Bags from Really Good Stuff.  So great for storing large, flat items!

Really Good Stuff - Deluxe Bulletin Board Storage Bag

Once again, every bin needs a label... preferably a matching one!  If you like my labels, check them out in my TPT Store.  
Click {HERE} to download

Happy Organizing!!


  1. I love how organized your closet is. Mine is full of cardboard boxes and just all sorts of stuff! The mother is coming up to help with organizing... that is just not my 'thing.'! :)

    Looks awesome!


  2. At my school we were allowed to keep the curtains as long as we treated them with fire retardant spray. It was really expensive, but the principal purchased a gallon for all of us to use.

    1. I wish we could do that. They told us we needed them professionally treated and needed a certificate from the people that did it. UGH what a pain!

  3. Your closets look great! Can you come do mine now??? :) I need that construction paper organizer but don't want to pay for it. ;)

    Teach On.

    1. Sure, I'll be right over, haha!!!
      I LOVE that construction paper organizer. Fortunately we get a certain amount of money per classroom to spend on whatever school supplies we want each year so I was able to purchase it with that money.
      Does your PTA ever give you money? That could be another way to snag it!
      Colleen :-)


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