2013 is coming to a close… and this year flew by FAR too quickly!!!

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Let's get this review started!

I would like to post something cutting edge and fashionable… but I'm just not that person.  My favorite article of clothing has to be my VS Pink sweats.  They are the first thing I put on when I get home from school each day!  I love to lounge.

Last year my favorite movie was Hunger Games, so it's no surprise that this year's favorite movie was Catching Fire.  I absolutely love these books and the movies do not disappoint.  If you haven't read the books, you owe it to yourself to get reading in the new year.  Then go see both movies!

This is the same as last years - Scandal.  I have watched this show since day one.  The cast and writers of this show are absolutely brilliant.  A lot of people caught on to this show this year.  It makes it even more fun to watch when your friends are watching, too!  Thursdays nights consist of a lot of "OMG" texts, haha!

Again, this is the same as last year's too, haha!  Apparently I need to get out more.  And when I do go out, I need to frequent new restaurants.  But I just can't get enough CopperTop!  They have outstanding wood-fired pizzas, and chicken tenders with this insanely good breading.  Oh, and of course shoestring french fries.  Hmm… I may need to go out to dinner tonight.

Running.  I can NOT believe it, but I fell in love with running this year.  I started the year off a little rough with my complicated tonsillectomy (ugh).  In April a few of my friends and I joined a beginning running group.  After 10 weeks the goal of the group was to run for 30 straight minutes.  Considering I was huffing and puffing on day one, I didn't think I would meet that goal.  But each week as the run time increased, I pushed myself and was able to reach it.  I found my inner-athlete again this year and I'm so happy about it!

This one is a no-brainer… my Nikon D5100.  I have been OBSESSED with this camera since I got it for my birthday in July.  It takes AH-mazing pictures.  I don't go anywhere without it these days.  I recently bought a portrait lens (50mm/1.8g) and I'm having so much fun experimenting with it.

Even though I love my sweats, I do have to wear "real clothes" out of the house!  This year I experimented with scarves.  This pin is a great tutorial on different ways to tie scarves.

I think my favorite blog post this year was my Classroom Reveal 2013.  I LOVE to organize and set-up my classroom.  I scour other teacher blogs and Pinterest to get ideas.  It's so exciting when the classroom is ready for a new class and a new school year.  (Plus everything is super clean, haha!)

I think my best accomplishment goes right along with #9 - running.  Running a 5k this year was pretty awesome at the end of our 10 week training!  Then I tried a Run or Dye color run with my friends months after.  I'm hoping to enjoy many races as long as I keep running!

Okay I'm definitely cheating on this one, because I have two favorite pictures… of my two favorite nieces, of course!  I can't stop taking pics of these beauties, especially since I got my fancy camera.  They get cuter each day and I love watching them grow!  
Taylor's response when I said, "Show me, surprised!"

Hailey, you have the sweetest face!

My favorite memory was the week my family spent together in Chicago when Hailey was born.  It was such a special time to spend together.  My sister and brother-in-law wanted to be surprised with both of their kids, so they didn't find out the sex of either baby.  Of course, we were overjoyed when Hailey was born.  My sister and I are so close, and we were both secretly hoping for a sister for Taylor so they could share a lifetime of sister bonding.  Here is our first "big sisters / little sisters" picture!

My goal for 2014 is to continue to keep the balance that I found in 2013 (my one little word from last year!).  Being able to balance school, family, friends, and taking time to keep myself healthy has really paid off this year.  I'm hoping to carry it over to 2014.

I can certainly use more patience in my life.  I get frustrated in situations that I cannot control, but I need to have patience and remember that all things work out as they should.

What a year!  What has 2013 brought to your life?  Be sure to link up and share!
It's Christmas break… can I get an A-MEN?!!!

In the midst of the craziness that is the week leading into Christmas break (which, of course means absolute chaos at times), this has NOT been my best week.  A car that wouldn't start, followed by a blown out tire… in the SAME HOUR.  Yup, that's how my Tuesday started.  That, followed by a 24 hour bout of the stomach flu that has run it's course through our classroom.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

I have never before been so relived to get to FRIDAY!  So… I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share the GOOD things that happened this week!

We counted down to Christmas.  Today marks 5 days until the "big day."  We could not be more excited!!!

We made gingerbread houses yesterday.  Talk about sugar and energy!!!

We squeezed in a LITTLE bit of work this morning.  It was Polar Express day, so we worked on story elements, alphabetical order of vocabulary words, and wrote about what gift we would have asked Santa for if we had been chosen to receive the first gift of Christmas.  

But let's face it, we were pretty consumed with opening presents…

Sweet "thank you's" followed!

and chillin' in our PJ's all day.

PJ Twinsies!

Happy Friday and have a glorious Christmas break!!!

Okay, I'm just a LITTLE excited for Christmas break… 

Let's just say that on Friday at 3:30pm I will have a HUGE smile on my face!  I will also be running out the door and driving home to my parent's house where my sister, brother-in-law, and sweet nieces will already be starting the Christmas fun!

At school, we have been super busy and I'm trying to play catch-up on the blog tonight!

We created our winter bulletin board.  I LOVE these cute snowmen!  I figure since I live in Syracuse and it snows here through March, I'll be able to leave this one up a while.  I can just change out the writing piece when needed, right?!

Decorating trees was a popular topic to write about...

… but not as popular as throwing snowballs at siblings!!!

Our snowmen came from this adorable freebie from Just Wild About Teaching!  I just changed the writing piece to suit my classroom needs.
You can grab it for free {HERE}.

I got the room ready for Christmas with a lil' decorating…
Target special - needs way more sparkle next year!

Underneath the tree I place all my December read alouds.  I wrap and label each one with the date they should be opened.  There's something about opening a present to make the story a little more exciting!

And now for my random tip that makes me feel absolutely brilliant… these tiny, clear 3M Command hooks!  In my class, we LOVE our QR Read the Room activity.  I like to change the sight words or seasonal words often.  It was getting to be a pain to tape those suckers around the room each week.  I was looking for a semi-permanent way to put up hooks in order to hang the cards so I could easily change them out.  These hooks are PERFECT!  They won't ruin the places where I hang them, and to prep the cards all I needed to do was punch a hole in them.  I feel so smart, haha!

Efficiency makes me happy!

We also recently worked on common and proper nouns.  Here's a little FREEBIE sorting activity that we completed.  Enjoy!

Common or Proper Noun Sort FREEBIE

FIVE MORE DAYS filled with gingerbread, and Polar Express, and PJ's, OH MY!!!
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