Well it wouldn't be a new school year without new curriculum.  Am I right?!

This year our district will be using the EngageNY Math Modules.  These were created by teachers to meet the Common Core Standards.  They have a very sequential scope and seem to focus more on the WHY than the HOW of math.  They challenge students to think deeply and {gasp} WRITE about math!  

I'm still not quite sure how I feel about using the modules, since I absolutely fell in LOVE with Math Workshop over the past two years.  You can read more about my math workshop {HERE}.

The NYS Math Modules are whole-group and rather lengthy.  They take a full 60 minutes... and then some!  That's a lot to ask of six year olds, especially in the beginning of the year.

Despite my reservations, I am embracing the change.  In fact, I tested out Module 5 with my class this past spring.  This unit focused on geometry, fractions, and time.

I found that my students did gain a deeper understanding of geometry than I have previously taught in the past.  They were making great connections and encouraged to really explain their thinking.  It was TOUGH, but they persevered!  

So in preparation of using the modules full-force this year, I created vocabulary cards that align with the modules for First Grade.  I'm sure many of the cards can be used in Kindergarten and Second Grade as well.  I plan to update these as I go this year, as I am sure I'll come across more terms I'd like my firsties to know!

Check out my Math Vocabulary Cards.  They will be on SALE through Friday!!!

I'm sure I'll be posting more about the modules throughout the year.  And who knows... maybe I can even combine the modules AND my beloved math workshop!!!

Are any of you using the Math Modules in your district?  I would love to hear your ideas!
Summer is in full swing and I am LOVING it!
My routine is non-existent and my calendar is packed with F.U.N!

This morning I'm joining Buzzing with Mrs. McClain for her You Oughta Know Blog Hop.

I think you oughta know about the fabulousness of labeling with puffy paint!
I hated labeling my cubbies each year with my class names.  The labels always peeled off and it was such a pain.  Then I got the idea to use puffy paint and stencils to permanently label my cubbies!

I put these numbers on my student cubbies FOUR years ago.
Not a scratch or peel anywhere to be found!

First I Scotch taped my stencil in place.  Then I painted a thick coat of puffy paint on with a sponge brush.  I left the stencil in place until the paint dried and then slowly peeled off the stencil.  I had to do my numbers in stages once I got to the teen numbers and beyond.  
So be sure to have other projects to do in your classroom so you aren't waiting around for paint to dry!  Also, if you try this on a very hot summer day, the results will not come out so well.  I had a teammate try this in the dead heat of summer and the paint didn't adhere to the wooden cubbies.

The finished product - and no more labeling cubbies every year!

And be sure to check out what else you oughta know about!

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