Quick and Easy Goodbye Gift

Looking for a quick and easy goodbye gift?  Look no further!

This spring I had a fantastic practicum student in my classroom twice a week.  She was eager to learn and so helpful in our class.  She really jumped right in and wasn't afraid to work with both small and large groups.  I knew I wanted to give her a memorable thank you gift.

My bestie found this idea on Pinterest (of course!).  I followed the link to OneFabDay.com to download the {FREE} tree template.  I put the tree picture on a PowerPoint slide and then added the text.  It's so easy to customize it to say whatever you'd like!  I made sure to print on card stock (two copies ~ in case I messed up the first one!).  Be sure that you leave some room around the edges if you plan to put it in a frame.  I had to cut my page down a little to make it fit in my 8x10 frame.

I used just a little bit of tempura paint.  I ALWAYS have baby wipes on hand when doing any sort of craft project!  

I painted one thumb yellow and one thumb green and guided my kids in placing their thumbprints on the tree.  I added their names with a very thin Sharpie marker.

The finished product!  
I just LOVE how it came out.

Who do you need to thank for helping your students grow?

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  1. What a beautiful gift! I will have to remember that for our volunteers in the future. :)



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